Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok... so a few things.
One: Rick had some interviews today. the one was with this sign/advertising shop. And in not so many words- the guy who interviewed him said "Well.... you have great work, but how about you go look at these other places and see if they'll hire you and if not, come back to me and i'll hire you."

seriously? like... what is that? He said the guy was very nice and was impressed with his work, but didn't know how to take it. Was it just that his work is not similar enough to what that particular shop does or was it that he felt bad for RIck and really just wanted to be nice? sheesh.

guess we'll see. We're not dead set on living here in this town per se... but we'd really really like to if we can manage it. oy....

anyway- onto more fun things!
Little Jayce had an apt this morning and i was excited to see how much he weighed and how tall he was. For the past...oh..... 3 weeks or so, we've just been in awe of how big we think this kid is. and looks as though we were right! baby will be 3 months old tomorrow (GASP) and he is currently 12 lb 12 oz and 24.5 in long. wanna hear the stats? first off.... ALL my kids have always been below the "norm"- tha'ts to say.... they have been cursed with small parents so they get lucky enough to inherit those genes. ;)-
Hailey has literally been off the charts- in the bad way- for about 3 years now. meaning.... she's WAY below average for her age. she's teeny tiny.
Kayleb has managed to stay around 25-50% for his age. not bad.
Mia... she's a little luckier than hailey. she's in the 10% for her age. still small.
and now little Jayce.... this is funny. He's in the 50% for his weight and 90% for his height.

WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? is he seriously my kid? i mean... we've always had doubts since he came to us. like.... think the mailman entered in somewhere in that equation.... ;)-
seriously though... i was shocked. i actually have a BIG kid. maybe he'll be one of those mutant children where he's going to be the one that looks like he's been adopted or something. lol
man.... kinda makes me happy- i better knock on wood though, heaven knows i get all excited like this and then watch. in about 6 months, we'll go to weigh and measure him again and he'll be in the 10% like the rest of them. this just happened to be one of those freak growth spurts.

aaaaahhhhhhh.... sure love having these goofy things happen- keeps life interesting doesn't it? lol

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Trip

So here it is.... our next adventure. Unfortunately i wasn't able to take any pictures.... sort of had 3 kids in the car and was having to drive for 3 days straight.

it all started wenesday of last week. We had made the decision to just go ahead and move asap. We went to pick up the truck and it wasn't there. So we waited an hour and a half for it to finally arrive. We were mad to say the least. Good thing they gave us a discount!
So then we were going to drop the car trailor off at my cousins house while we loaded the truck. Rick couldn't get it off by himself and while trying to turn around in their cul-de-sac.. he clipped their SOLID BRICK mailbox and demolished it. yes... you heard right... demolished. The cement holding the sucker to the ground even ripped up and the mailbox went to it's resting place in about a million and one pieces. Good thing my cousin thought it was funny.... Rick felt so horrible.

We finished packing everything up and were able to leave late Thursday night. We drove about 4 hours is all before we had to stop for the night. And..... I wanna know why it is that Tennessee feels the need to harvest mosquitos on the sides of thier highways. We had to pull over because of the screaming baby and being that i had to stand on the side of the road..... i just happened to find myself in the middle of one of their Moquito farms. i knew i was getting eaten alive... just didn't know how bad. WHen we got to our hotel, i counted...... 39 FRIGGIN bites!!! can you believe that? seriously.... someone needs to tell that state to do something about their mosquito population. it was miserable!

we then woke up early and got on the road. This trip was a little better in the sense that we didn't have to pull over every hour with baby- so that was a plus. However.... we still needed to stop for other reasons. We drove across the state of Missouri that day. It is seriously one of the most beautiful states. Unforutnately... my Kayleb had to add to that beauty by stopping every 30 minutes because he was sick. Yes... it was horrible. i thought we'd never get anywhere. But then he felt better, we were moving again. Until we hit Kansas City. then the heavens opened and the flod gates gave way. we hit the 3 traffic problems all at the same time. Downpour, construction, and rush hour. And after 12 hours on the road.... it wasn't a pretty picture. we drove like that for about 30 minutes is all, but it was aweful. we made it to Topeka that night and early enough that my friend Roxy was able to come over nad visit for a little while. It was so fun to see her again. (luv ya Rox!) we enjoyed chatting and playing with the baby and watching drunk people.... :)

Then we got up the next morning and just took our time getting on the road. we wanted to make sure we had enough rest. We got out and started again. Kansas is a pretty state as well... not as pretty as Missouri... but still. We passed the cool looking huge wind mills and all those funky oil rig things spread all over the place. It was making me so homesick because it looked exactly like Idaho, except it was more green. lol so it made for a pleaseant trip.
Hailey started complaining about her ear hurting about mid day and started crying. she then continued to SCREAM and cry for the next 4 hours. I got so upset, i had to have her ride with Rick. Yah... that lasted a whole 30 minutes as well. So she came back to the van and was magically better. (go figure) We had a goal of making Denver that night, but at the rate we were driving, it wasn't looking pretty. We were so tired of driving and being on the road, we jsut wanted to get home. So we stopped for about an hour and got the kids to sleep and headed on the road again. we finally made denver about 1 am. Rick and i were so tired, we couldn't go on, so we had to find another hotel. Now... rick had a sinus infection this whole trip as well- so that didn't go over with driving so much.
we then got up again early and started driving. Luckily Rick met this really nice trucker dude at one of the rest stops we stopped at and he told us of a "back road" to take and it would cut some time off the trip. We were all over that, so we found it! It did... it ended up saving us about 1.5 hours. we made our way through Wyoming- aka the barren desert of nothingness. seriously.... don't understand why anyone wants to live there. lol
one of the highlights of the trip was seeing table rock mountain.. that was super cool. And nothing made me more happy than seeing my pretty mountains again. I hadn't realized how much i missed them until i saw them again.
what was super nice was that my family knew we were just done with this whole mess and drove down to meet us and help us out. we met up just outside Idaho border and were relieved. My dad took the truck, the girls went in my van while my mom drove and the guys took my parents vehicle. it was the best 3 hours of the trip. of course.

But we're here! got here about 10:30 on Sunday night. now... had we not had a honkin' truck that only drove 60 MPH.... we totally would have been here sooner. it was the longest 3 days of my life and don't ever care to do it again thank you very much.

ANywho- RIck is hard at work trying to find a job. He's gotten some good leads and looks like if everything works out, he'll be working in his field- which is the best thing ever. I'm enjoying being home and having a lot of help. Will be nice to have our own place again- hopefully soon. It's just so odd being home without being here for a visit. Trying to figure out if we'll actually stay her ein Pocatello or if we'll be somewhere else, but still close by. I'll be glad once we have an established job and know we're going to be somewhere for a LONG time. that will be a nice feeling.

I'll post some pics a little later on- i'm about pooped right now. this is the first day I've actaully been able to just sit. it's so nice!
toodles. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Idaho Oh Idaho.......

We are here!!!!!! That's about all i gotta say about that.

i'll spill all the juicy details about this trip later. right now... i have to go unpack a truck and take care of a screaming baby. it never ends does it? :)-

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Photo Safari

I guess I can't call it a safari per se because i intentionally looked for this place. lol

BUt there's this amazing Botanical Garden here and I HAD to go and do a photoshoot there before leaving. And I am so glad I did! Just wanted to show ya'll what we did this morning. It was just Hailey and I- so it turned out into an impromtu photo shoot with her as well. Is'nt she just the cutest thing?!

So enjoy.... i sure do love these. ANd yes..... the pics below (as you scroll down)- those are lily pads. aren't they cool???

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I got it done just in time to take it down.

Yes. Sad but true.
See this beautiful wall? I got it finished!!! Got some adorable pics of the kids and got them all situated in the frames. I love it. It turned out every bit as much as i hoped it would.

Now if i could just enjoy it...... but I can't. WHy you ask? Well... remember in my last post I mentioned that Rick was having a hard time at work? He put in his 2 week notice today. And because he did that, we need to move. I won't go into major details, but all in all- we had a long, emotional, spiritual day full of talking, prayer, pondering, etc. and just decided that moving back to Idaho is the best decision for us. We will be near family and that's what we've wanted for years now. We are very excited to finally go home... but it's very sad too because we've come to love it here in this short amount of time.
We will be moving in about 2-3 weeks. So hence the reason I don't get to enjoy my wall. I unpacked everything just in time to pack it all up again. Ask me if I'm excited to move again....... HECK NO!!!
Let's just say that after graduating, having a baby, and moving twice, (oh.. and Rick going through literal hell with his job) we're about spent. I'm so ready to be somewhere permanent. I just need to breathe and enjoy doing what i want to be doing. And we think that Idaho holds that for us.
One downer..... we have to move back to snow. Isn't that the worst? We have been so spoiled being in the south and experiencing the BEST winters ever.... and we've come to hate the snow and cold. And now we have to move right into it. Guess we knew it would come sooner or later- but man!!!!! It's ok though... I'm very much looking forward to finally having all seasons again. BUt I do get my mountains back and THAT I am very excited about!!
OK.... so i may go AWOL on ya in the next few weeks because of the move and whatnot.... but i'll try and keep ya'll posted.
OY! :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Updates all around

Been a little bit, but we have some things going on here that require a lot of attention. I'll just say that Rick is very unhappy in his job and because of things being the way they are, we are on the job hunt full force AGAIN. yes... it sucks- but i'd rather have him in a different job because I seriously don't know my husband right now.

SO.... here are a few things:

I took some pics of things that have made me happy recently. This first pic i took of RIck holding baby. this is Jayce's fav. position, isn't it the cutest thing ever?

well..... I took this pic just yesterday of Jayce sleeping and it was too adorable. so maybe THIS is the cutest thing ever. :)

Hailey was able to experience her first sleepover over the weekend. ALthough it's very nice to have a cousin that lives across the street, it makes for A LOT of little girl gang! THey are constantly fixin' things up to play and sleepover and spend every waking minute together. So we finally gave in and let them do it. they loved it. it worked out really well surprisingly enough! They're already planning on their next sleepover this weekend..... NOT!

And then i was FINALLY able to scrap!!! Had some design team work to do and this was one of them. I loved how it turned out. I won't post the other ones i did... cause they suck. But here's one to enjoy!

Ok... little baby is crying. Guess he feels he needs attention er something. toodles! ;)-