Thursday, March 08, 2007

More inspiration and a funny

I did another LO for my design team today. Can I just say.....FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! I just LOVE how this turned out. (Don't I say that about all of them?!) Well, this tops my list of favs right now. Not to mention, I've been wanting to use this pic forever! accomplished two things at once. SO here it is for all of you to enjoy too! ( btw, if you haven't signed up for this AMAZING kit club...... I"m still promoting it. How can you not want this much product for such a great price?! click here to sign up!)

And I really enjoy reading other blogs, especially if they are funny. Well, my boss, Jamie- she's hilarious! She has such a funny story on her blog right now. Go check it out... if you want a good laugh. And if you don't think it's funny.... I'm so sorry- this is TOTALLY my humor and I can truly appreciate dumb people and dumb situations. Of course, I have to find something funny in about everything- so this is right up my alley. Anywho.... enjoy it! *giggle giggle*


Anonymous said...

Very cute pages...I am sad that I missed scrapping with you today. *sigh* Maybe soon.
And you are right, Jamie's story is freaking hilarious!

AMANDA said...

Gorgeous layout Amber!! That is my favorite one of yours too!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, totally hate you now! JK--I will never email you one of my LOs EVER EVER! Too embarrassing compared to yours!

Dude, Jamie is hardcore! She really handled that wishblade woman. That psycho needs to get a life . . . or something else . . . :) You know, that something you said the DT products were better than? ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, amber that is really pretty Great JOb! ;)