Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Elsie Classes

So I've started up a series of classes based on the challenge book by Elsie Flannigan. There are a total of 52 challenges- so we are doing 2-3 challenges per class. I've also thrown in a few of my own, so there will be alot to learn from them! The first class was held last weekend and was a huge hit! The next one will be on Nov. 11th at 6:30 pm. If you want a spot or a kit, call Savannah Scrapbooking and reserve your spot. This double spread was the first class. We focused on the challenges of 1) FOcusing on one photo 2) working with words/ creating journaling on strips and 3) create a ribbon border. I created this page using the new Curvy Cutter. It's not my fav. thing in the world... but I LOVE the sizes of circles it can produce. Now, here are a few pointers/ideas for you to use to create/scraplift or whatever you want!

*When using one photo- you typically want to enlarge it if you are doing 12 x 12 pages. If you dont, you have A LOT of room to fill up. I have seen some pages with 4x6 pics and they turn out good, but i love a good pic that is a larger size.

* To use ribbon, here are a few ideas.

tie them in knots

tie a ribbon around a picture or piece of paper

sew a line down the middle of the ribbon to create a unique look

use ribbon to create a border around a picture

tie a knot to create a "leaf" on a flower

staple small pieces in a "v" on the edge of a pic

scrunch up a strand and sew down the middle

use a straight ribbon for a "stem" of a flower

cut little slits in the bottom of a piece to create a "fringe"

* When creating Journaling using strips, make a list of adjectives of you or the person you are scrapping about, and use those on the strips.

Use a poem on strips

use word stickers as your journaling

Ok- so there ya have it! a few ideas in a nutshell on the first class. You can look on Jamie's blog www.savannahscrapbooking.typepad.com to see a pic of the next class and a description of what it will entail.

We will be focusing on challenges 4-6. *Create your own chipboard embellishment *Create a ribbon cluster *Embellish a floral accent. I'm throwing my own challenge in there as well and that is to create a page with no 4x 6 photos. We will be doing a page with 1 5x7 and 3 3x3's. so be prepared. Also, if you missed the AWESOME workshops that were given by Angelia Wiggington while she was here, we will be using some of the techniques she taught in her "Bloom" class, so be sure to come if you want to learn some! It's going to be an awesome class - hope you sign up!

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