Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ok... So I had a phone conference yesterday with Carolee and Georgana of Adornit. We talked over what I will be designing for CHA in Jan. and all the details. I was so excited and happy to talk with them. It was an amazing experience!
So... deatils........ wanna know them?!
I will be doing 3 lines! One will be a 12 x 12 album kit, complete with papers, stickers, and possibly embellishments. I will also be doing 2 "open shelf" lines with matching stickers. I will also be coming up with my own alphabet stickers, and possibly a ribbon set and other embellishments. There may be more involved.... but I need to see what I can come up with in the amount of time I'm given. I am sooooo completely floored by how much I will get to design. I have all the papers done. So now it's on to the hard stuff. Ready for some sneaky peaks?!.....
SORRY!!!! can't give them out quite yet. You'll have to wait like everyone else to see them. They will be wonderful though. I am excited to use them to create projects of my own.
This is still mind blowing! I will be updating often on the progress of the whole process. Updates will also be available on Georgana's blog, up until CHA at the end of Jan. So keep checking there to see what becomes available and to see what's going on.
Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on what you'd like to see on the market!
For now..... I'm out of here!

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Anonymous said...

I like to use very small rub-on alphabets to make words to go on my pictures but they're hard to find. I like a mix of lower and upper case. I like Typewriter font from Chatterbox because it's not too big to spell small words with (but the letters are extra hard to rub off with this product) I really like Autumn Leaves Highlight font best and the letters rub off GREAT! These types of rub-on letters are challenging to find.