Monday, October 16, 2006

Something New/Something Blue

OK- So I've been on this Design Team kick recently with applying for them. Typically I don't because I don't feel most of them give enough product for the amount of work you have to do. The ones I've tried for are worth it.... so hence the reason I've been trying. I tried for one that i REALLY wanted, but alas.... didn't get it. :( This isdustry is full of ups and downs. But in my day of sulking, I get this amazing phone call saying I made the finalists for another! So, the only difference is that the one I got is for a Review Team. I will be sent numerous products every month to "review". I will then create a page or a project with those products and write a review on them for others to see. I will be on the team for November and December, then the 5 winners will be announced the end of December to sign a year's contract. I am excited for the opportunity- we'll just see how it goes. I keep thinking how much I want to get a lot of things on my resume, but can't determine how much is too much. I am busy doing albums for other people still and the only open time I have to scrap is during the kids' nap time and after they go to bed. Anyway- things are good, things continue to work out as they always do.
I also will be starting on my BEST project of designing my new line in the next month! Stay tuned!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girly, yes it's totally off the wall for me to get to you through the blog, but your blog's in my favorites list, so it's just plain easier to access than going through aol. I want you to read Danielle Thompson's blog. It's kind of sobering, she's quitting the business...whoa huh? Read it..