Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Oy. Ok- so when I was a kid, i remember being excited about holidays. Being able to go out and get TONS of candy was an awesome thought. BUT- was I really annoying? (and you're not allowed to say anything mom :)- ) was I constantly asking when it was time to go and mentioning that it was halloween every 5 seconds? I can understand my kids excitement to go out and do something as fun as trick-or-treating, but i was about to lose it tonight! They wouldn't eat their dinner, they were whining, they had their costumes on right as they got home from school (although that was really cute), by the time we left to go trick-or-treating, I was seriously about ready to scream! But then you take a look at those faces and can't help but laugh at their excitement love them all the more for it.
But alas..... they are so adorable and were so excited and couldn't wait to go get a bunch of candy.
Our church does a Trunk-Or-Treat every year to have a fun and safe place to trick-or-treat. (what did you do this year Roxy?! lol ) So that's what we did tonight. Kids had a blast. They were off the second we got out of the car. We tried getting Mia to say "trick-or-treat", but she wouldn't. She'd just hold out her bucket. hahaha
After about 15 minutes, they had hit all the cars and had come back! They were ready to go! AWESOME!!!! I can totally handle that- but we still had over half of our candy to give away. And heaven forbid i have 3 pounds of candy to bring home instead of 2! My rule is that if the candy isn't gone by Thanksgiving day- it goes in the trash. (i know.. i'm mean)
So... here's a look at our night. a few of the kids in their costumes. I had a little photo shoot with Mia this afternoon to take advantage of the daylight- and it's a good thing too. Cause i started snapping pics this evening and my camera battery died! Anyway- then there's some of them trick-or-treating. And of course had to throw in a few of Rick and I after it was all said and done. We had fun coloring our hair for a little somethin somethin to get in the spirit. Rick is all blue and I was pink with a little bit of blue. aren't we hot?! hahaha- considering getting permanent pink highlights... what do you think?!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Yeah, sure...rub it in....I'm not with you!!! (hey...I put up YOUR layout today!!)

So, I considered going down to my neighborhood McM ward to see if they were the TrunkerTreat! But, we just stayed on our street!

It was freezing! Like 50 degrees. Pics on my blog, too!

You and Rick are hilarious!! I miss you guys!! :) xoxoxo

Lisa Brown said...

So, Hailey is perfect for her costume! She looked so very cute!