Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Baby's growing.....

So I've been thinking of potty training baby lately. I didn't want to start until after christmas break because we're doing a lot of traveling from Thanksgiving on, so i didn't think it would be good to try. You know, the whole flying on a plane with a baby is a bad enough thing, let alone one who has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. And we all know what those airplane bathrooms are like. I'd be afraid of having my kid sucked down in that sucker and come out a smurf! So no thanks... I think I'd like to wait. BUT....for the past week or so, she's been coming up to me to tell me when she's wet and stinky, so that's a good sign she's getting ready. Right? well, being that i've potty trained 2 kids already, obviously makes me a pro. (NOT) But I thought "hey, I haven't even tried to see if she's interested yet." So I pulled out the little trainer toilet (which by the way, didn't look like it had been cleaned since it was last used. I know.. gross. BUt dude... I'm so blaming it on the husband!) and took off her diaper and pants and put her on it. She gave me this look like "what the heck is this mom? but it's WAY cool!" it was hilarious! so she sat and sat, didn't quite know what to do. I sat explaining what she was supposed to do and totally thought she didn't understand a word of it. Because honestly, how is it i explain these thing without showing her exactly what to do? Yah... SO not the mom that will whip her pants down and show the girl what to do. Sorry....... I'd like to keep my privates exactly that. :)-

Well- she ended up going #1 in the little potty!!!!! I was so happy! I started doing this dance and clapping my hands, and of course, she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, little did I know what I had actually got myself in to. See, she doesn't really understand. (she's sneeky that way) she just thinks it's cool and wants to do it because older bro. and sis. do it. And heaven forbid she doesn't get to do EVERYTHING they can, because that wouldn't be fair.

SOOOOOO........... This is what i found today. hahahahahahaha

Yup..... baby decided she wanted to go potty all by herself. I found this, then walked into the bathroom and saw this.

Isn't that funny? I've gotten myself in trouble though. I've tried putting it away. She freaks out. And then she throws a major tantrum when I close the bathroom door so she can't go when she wants. But she'll take her pants and diaper off whenever she wants and she'll sit on the potty, but she never does anything. ( Do I have a little stripper on my hands? Hey.... so not my fault. again... blaming the husband :) ) Oh well. at least she knows what it's used for and she's trying right? Time to get that doll that goes potty too. but seriously, watching a little doll do it's business in a fake little toilet? whatever happened to just making them go? Aw, the things we do these days to make it easier on ourselves!! hahahahaha But anything to show her because we know I ain't doin' it!

Well- Not only is baby being adorable doing this, she wakes up this morning and dad gets her dressed. Then she comes out like this. (sheesh... wha'ts up with the husband?! lol)
I know the pic is blurry- but the lighting was aweful and she, of course, doesn't hold still long enough for me to correct my light meter :) but isn't she cute? I know i'm biased... but can you not laugh at something so adorable?!
I love my baby!
Oh- and remember the last post I said I'd be scrapping this week? I totally lied. Yup... LIAR! I got as far as cleaning my scrap room. It's ready for me to use... just need to use it! I swear, that's what i'm doing next week. (knock on wood)
and one random thing... how many times can I freakin say "seriously" in one post? SERIOUSLY!
Think I've been watching too much Grey's Anatomy! haha


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! It's Katie (Becky's friend). I found your blog through Becky's and it is so adorable. Tyler is potty training too, and I don't know if you've already done this, but pull ups are wonderful!

Jen Gallacher said...

May she figure out what exactly is supposed to come and where SOON! :) It's such a joy being a Mom. LOL!

Lisa Brown said...

How fun! I am planning on working on Derek's potty training after Christmas, and I hope it goes well.