Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm alive!!!!

Ok - seriously... last week absolutely SUCKED. with all of us being sick and not getting anything done. BUT- we are all back and healthy and I can finally be alive again!
So- we went to the park yesterday and of course I snapped a buttload of pics! so here's some of the kids playing. aren't they so cute?! It just amazes me how fast they grow and how big they are getting.
Well- I'll be scrapping A LOT within the next week, so I'll post my projects along the way!
toodles! :)


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh my gosh!!! Hailey is totally your kid!!!! Those faces are HILARIOUS and looks just like you!!!!

Julie O. said...

Totally awesome photos!! Can't wait to see them scrapped!

Zarah said...

Awesome photos - you ROCK! :D

Glad you're feeling better. Missed your jokes & grins! :D

lou said...

how do you get them to SIT STILL????

I gots the photo skills- I just have unwilling subjects!

Lisa Brown said...

Love the pictures. Speaking of which, are you free on Tuesday morning to take our pics?

ellen said...

being sick stinks! sorry to hear have a beautiful family! {i found ur blog through the link of a friend}