Saturday, October 13, 2007

Second Post/Picasa

I know... I think I'm pretty bored to post twice in one night, but I really have nothing better to do! Now don't go being all jealous because I get to sit on my toosh all night- I worked hard all day and quite frankly, don't feel like doing much else!

So I thought I'd share a little tidbit about something I absolutely LOVE and can't live without.

If you are digital photography fan (who isn't?), then this is the photo editing software that you MUST have. (it's that great.. serioulsy.)

It's called Picasa. It's free to download off of Google, so go track it down on the main home page and download it. It's so easy to use and who doesn't need something easy to use? I mean, I don't know how to use a computer program and this is something even I could figure out. (and that says a lot, believe me!)

Here's some examples, I took the pics i posted in an earlier post. (doesn't that sound repetative?!lol) the first ones are the original, unaltered pics. the second ones are the altered pics using Picasa. If you aren't convinced that this is the best thing out there, do'nt know what will. Isn't is fabulous?! (oops.. just realized I didn't do the same picture for my baby. but you get the idea right?- OK OK, I'm totally playing the blonde card on that one!)

I totally realize (after viewing my blog after I've posted) that the pics don't look all that different on blogger. they are a little more stark on here for some reason. But just take my word for it, the original and the altered version ARE different and it's a significant difference. Just go try it for yourself so you can see it first hand. :)


Laura S. said...

You can see the difference on my computer.

Kelly said...

I can see a difference! I am so digitally challenged, lol- but if you say it's easy, it's worth a shot!