Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Matrimony: Book Review

OK- so I know I haven't posted any projects lately, I'll be doing that in the next post, just to get some inspiration flowing and KNOW that i haven't stopped using my creativity! :)

But for now, I have yet another book review. I'm enjoying this a lot- so you'll see some more book reviews in the future.

This book is called Matrimony by Josh Henkin.

In very vague terms, the storyline of this book is simply about marriage. Julian and Mia meet, fall in love, get married, and face struggles. Now, when I got married, i had this notion that we would be "newlyweds" forever. I had this idealistic thought of how we would be the rest of our lives. Sure I knew we'd face some struggles and we'd have ups and downs, but that's about it. Nothing would or could prepare me for what really happened. Of course we still love each other dearly, or even more than what we did when we got married 6 years ago. But to say that married life is all peaches and cream, SO not true. one thing I appreciate most about this book is how it "shows"s that aspect. Marriage isn't all nice. THere are struggles to be faced and thigns that will happen that may challenge you to an end you may not have even dreamed to expect. Julian and Mia face challenges over a 20 year period. It shows their struggles of moving from town to town, going through college, buying their first home, almost losing their marriage, and uniting again to have a child. In most ways, I could relate to the characters.

On the flip side. This was a book that I had a hard time staying interested in. I got annoyed very easily at the reactions that the main characters would have towards each other and other characters in the book. I didn't like how immature they were- but then again, that is a pet pieve of mine! :)- There were instances where the "struggle" would just drag on. It almost seemed silly at one point to have to start another struggle before the last one finished. To me, this is definitely not a book I'd recommend to someone or a couple who needed "help" with deciding something for their marriage or soon to be marriage. It may be something I'd recommend to somone if they wanted a book to read about marriage, but that's about it. My honest opinion is that this wasn't the greatest book, however- that is my taste and my opinion. There are plenty of other people that would recommend it. If you are interested in other reviews, please go here.


the real ~Roxann~ said...


How do you keep finding all these "unknown" books? What I mean is the last 2 you've reviewed, I've never even heard of!

Are you picking these or the bookclub picking them?

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is much of an unknown book. It was reviewed in the Washington Post over the weekend and is a Booksense pick this month.

I think its a beautiful look at a long marriage, at the real life issues the bring us together and threaten to rip us apart.

Daisy said...

This book sounds fascinating. I'll look into it. As for characters, perfection is overrated. Complex and believable characters drive a novel for me.

Anonymous said...

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