Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Piggy Tales!!!!!

Besides the fact that I got my very first order of candles in the mail this week- I got the best package! My first shipment of Piggy Tales product came!!!! Oh man- it was jam packed full of all their latest product and can I just say it was absolutely DELICIOUS?!

So- here's the first projects I've come up with. Seriously..... so cute right? This mini album took me for-freakin-ever. not joking. i love how it turned out though. Make sure to pop on over the the Piggy Tales site to check out all thier latest product. Seriously... it's fabulous and you won't be disappointed if you order every bit of it. Hope you likey!!! :)-


the real ~Roxann~ said...

adorable...as usual! You rock!

Melissa said...

Are these the projects you built based on those handmade book mockups Scott showed you? They look great!

Kelly said...

Hey there. Not sure how I landed here lol blog through a blog...But I so enjoyed reading some of your posts. You are so funny- you have a great way with words and very inspiring work!