Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well my dears....the show was a complete success! Although we weren't able to attend the tradeshow as wholesalers, being able to wholesale what we could at the retail part was good enough.

Things have been moving along slowly but surely. The new lines have gotten great feedback and we were able to take some orders and the big news is that we are going international! A large order was placed by these wondeful ladies from Hong Kong and it will be shipped and in their hands by March!

I'll share more info. about the show later, but since I've slacked on the sneak peaks...i'm going to show you the whole thing! First, I'll post the peeks you should have seen before CHA.... this will give you a good idea of what the lines look like. And each day this week, I'll post one line in it's entirety. You've already seen the peeks for the BFF line, so I'll start with the other 3 first.

We are working on the new blog and website, we hope to have it up very soon... so stay tuned for that announcement as well.


Zarah said...

WTG hun! Proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey girly, I'm glad things are moving along for you. ;) I've got to tell you that I think your color choices are REALLY nice and my favorite thing is that you made sure all of your patterns were unique for each line, rather than duplicating it in different colors like I've seen in the past here and there. Keepin' my fingers crossed for lots of orders! ;)