Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zutter Bind-It-All

Over this past weekend, i was literally thrown into demo-ing a machine i have never seen before in my life! Needless to say, it was pretty interesting! So i had heard and watched Roxy demo this thing, but didn't pay it too much mind-besides... i wasn't the one trying to sell it right? ;)

Then Saturday morning comes along and Rox tells me that I HAVE to demo this thing because we need to sell more. Well.... umm....... YAH RIGHT. so I ran to the booth and pulled out the machine and the "how to" booklet to see if i could figure the thing out. I guess people had the impression that I was doing a demo for them, so they started sitting down. Then the questions started coming. Enter: freak out mode. yah.... So I just started playing with it. Honestly, All I could dish out was a bunch of BS, because i honestly had no clue what i was doing. But I was doing something right.... because I ended up selling 3 of them within 30 minutes!!!! Now- it seriously isn't a hard machine to figure out. There's this guide on the side of it that tells you exactly what all the functions are, so you have to be pretty dumb to NOT figure the thing out in a short amount of time.
That being said...... i fell in love. I did- honestly and truly. besides... what's a scraproom without the latest gizmo or gadget right?! So i call the hubby and tell him about it. He actually got more excited about it than i was, so of course i got permission and bought the thing.
At the end of the show, Kim tells me to take one of the starter packets and a packet of binder rings home to make something fantabulous and put it up on my blog. Well.... I came through on the making of the thing.. can't guarantee that it's fantabulous though. :)
SO I came up with this cute little mini album using pics from my trip. I couldn't help but scrap them- so here it is! Notice the incredible binding? Yah.... this machine cuts the holes AND binds the thing together. It's seriously awesome! If you want one... shoot over to Kim's wonderful site and buy one- it's such a cool toy! so what do ya stink? :)-


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is too cute girly! Do you remember JJ from the stamp club? She bought one a while back and has been making the CUTEST journals and card organizers. I'm gonna link this over on my blog b/c I'm thinkin' I've got a few friends that will have to have this puppy. :)

Suzanne said...

I got to try out the zutter over the Christmas holiday's with my mother in law and loved it. I am so jealous. They make the cutest books.-Suz

Amie said...

You rock! Can't believe how fast you are!

Casey Lu said...

That Zutter is pretty cool! Love the album you whipped up! Love the bright colors, the transparencies, and definitely love the beautiful photos you took while on your trip! Glad you had fun!

Amy Birch said...

You did such a super job with this, Amber! You ARE fast!!! I can't believe you have a minialbum of your trip done already!!!