Friday, March 28, 2008

Pulmonologist Update:

Ok- so my last post i mentioned the apt. i had the other day. Roxy got on me for not sharing information, so i'll fill ya'll in. Not that is't THAT exciting... but it is a story none-the-less.

I've had asthma for literally as long as i can remember. BUt it's only affected by major excercise and allergies. It's not one of those things that i have to inhale medication just to walk down the street. Anyway- since i've gotten older, i've had to use the inhaler less and less. To the point that the ONLY time i've gone to the dr to get one is when i'm pregnant.

So i wen tto my last OBGYN apt and my dr didn't want to prescribe me an inhaler for some odd reason, and sent me to the pulmonologist instead. (yah.. don't get that. but whatever) So i head to the apt. ONE FREAKIN HOUR LATER.... i finally get into where they do this breathing test. It's so annoying. you have to plug your nose and breath into this tube rediculously and then these numbers appear. have no clue what they mean, but i usually pass it every time i do it. (who would've thunk?)
Then i wait another 45 minutes and then the dr finally comes in. Needless to say, i'm pretty pissed at having to wait so long. How is it that there's only 3 people in the office, umpteen nurses, and 3 dr's available... and it takes THAT long? ugh

anywho.... so he comes in and starts askign all these questions on my health, family history and such. then he says "you know... when you're pregnant, you typically are short of breath."
i wanted to get up and slap him at that point. like DUH! i've been pregnant 4 times.. i think i'd know. so i then say "Well... i've had asthma and i think i can tell the difference between being short of breath and not being able to breath." then he's like "yah." um.. DUH HEAD.
during all these questions... he just keeps asking the dumbest things and making me feel like i'm stupid. seriously people.... after 12 or more years of living with a condition, you'd think i've been through the process and know the difference between being able to breath and not being able to breath.
he then says "ok- let me listen to your breathing" he takes out his scope thing and listens for a whole 2.5 seconds and says "sounds good". i'm like- you've got to be freakin kidding me. Then he points to a "spot" on my collar bone and says "how long have you had that?"
me: "a while."
him: "has it changed at all?"
me: "no"
him: "do you have any more spots like that?"
me: "not that i know of"
him: " and it hasnt' changed?"
me: "no"

(um... did i miss something? was i here about breathing or a skin analysis?)

so he pulls the collar of my shirt down a little to view around the rest of my neck. yah... nothing.

Ok- skin cancer runs in my family. I think i'd know what to look for if something were out of place or "growing".

he then says "ok- well i'll prescribe you something called pro-air. it's an albuterol.. but the name is changing. Next year you won't be able to get albuterol at all."
me: "umm.... ok"
him: " they've changed regulations and albuterol isn't ozone friendly so they are switching it to pro-air because it is ozone friendly. but it's the same thing."
me: (wanting to laugh) "ok"

Seriously? Did he really just mention that albuterol is not ozone friendly? I'm afraid that all us asthma inhalerers are about to die after using an unfriendly ozone inhaler. because i don't know about you- but whatever we put in our body, obviously comes out in another way, and heaven forbid we pass some gas that isn't ozone friendly! hahahahahaha.

i was so fed up at this point. he left and i got out of there. but not until he mentioned that he wanted to see me back in 2 months. YAH RIGHT. like i'd step foot back in that office. unless i have a dire medical emergency... won't be doing THAT again.

soooooo..... i'm now safe with my inhaler, i can finally have some relief for these allergies, and now i know that i'm helping to save our ozone by breathing in "Pro-Air". lol


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Ya know, Amber...if you can't breathe..than take whatever inhaler helps you, regardless of the ozone!!!!

Julie Overby said...

Oh, you crack me up, Amber! I do hope you found something that works for you. I have suffered from the same thing in the past and it's no fun! Especially when you are expecting! Take care!

Jen Gallacher said...

What a ridiculous waste of your time! Good grief. :( Glad you got your inhaler, though.

Anonymous said...

hee hee- I guess I'm a big polluter- I have a regular albuterol inhaler. . .and I love it with all my heart :-)

The Dr sounds like a tool.

Lindsey said...

So I have come to learn that chiropractics can help with asthma and allergies, just so you know. It may not in all cases, but it's worth a shot, especially if all of the other doctors haven't been able to help much.

Lisa Brown said...

I would have wanted to smack the doctor too :). Miss seeing you!!