Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's official!!!!

I'm officially a Gold Canyon Candle demonstrator!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. If you've never heard of the company- CHECK HERE. Now- to explain a little.... if you've heard about Yankee candles, take those, times the smell and scent choices by 10 billion (at least :) and take $1 or 2 off the price and that's what they are. I've been ordering and throwing parties for these candles for the past 3 years and STILL love them. So I finally took the plunge and decided to sign up and sell them myself! ( novel idea right?!)
So here's what you can do to get them. Just because you live in a different state, doesn't mean you can't order from me. All candles ship directly from the site and go directly to you!! Awesome huh? AND... if you want to "throw" a party, all you have to do is have your friends/family/co-workers order at least $150 and you'll get FREE CANDLES!!!!!! (and it would be considered a "party")
SO... you'll get free candles, and with more product ordered at a party- you get even MORE free candles AND 50% off a certain amount of items.
Here's a good example. I held a party last year. With the orders placed at my party and $30 spent of my own money of candles, I was able to get 3 FREE candles and 50% off 3 other things. I ended up getting 8 HUGE candles for $30! And when i say huge- i mean it. They are 26 oz. but burn for 400 hours!!! can't get better than that. AND.. there's certain promotions the company puts on each month. CLICK HERE for the September promotions. AND.... (just when you thought there couldn't be anything better- hahahahahaha) all the seasonal scents are out now, so all fall and christmas scents are available. never too early to start gift shopping!!!

So.........there's my shpeal. :) I want you to book a "party" or just order from me. (how's that for being honest?!) if you book with me, I'll throw in a free candle for you too!
Contact me if you want to know more!!!!!


Lisa Brown said...

Can't wait for my party!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Congrats girly! And have fun!!