Wednesday, September 26, 2007

*SIGH*...... McDreamy :)

Ok- So I haven't posted in a while. But Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy came out on DVD on teh 11th and my BFF and I have been busy catchin up on last season before tomorrow-when Season 4 starts!!!!!

ok- So I just HAVE to reiterate how much I love McDreamy........LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! And what do you think is going to happen with McDreamy and Meredith? And with Izzy and George? aawww...... nothing bad- or I may consider not watching the show anymore! HA!

Oh- and Private Practice starts tonight too- with cutie-patooty Addison, so don't miss that one either.

So glad fall priemier week is here! (clearly... i have NO night life at all) hahahahahahah


Lisa Brown said...

I have personally started really liking "McSteamy" - he he! I really don't like Izzy and George as a couple -probably because of how they got together and how much I like George's wife - so I hope it doesn't happen. As for Meredith and McDreamy, they had darn well better stay together, or else I am going to be super bitter she got rid of Chris O'Donell a while back. Wow! I am way too invested in my shows. Happy Premiere Week!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh, Grey's is back today! YAY!!!

I have watched this show since the very beginning and I looooove it!

And for's all about McDreamy!