Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Morrissey Curse: A Story

Once upon a time there was this girl. She was a good girl, found a good guy (with the last name of Morrissey), got married, found a nice little apt. to live in. Her husband then deployed soon after they were married. This girl was left to live by herself in this cute apt. One day, this girl gets home to find that there is a leak in her ceiling in her bathroom-enter: Morrissey curse and new best friend :). After months of asking for repairs and hassles with the complex, she moves into another apt with help from best friend. This apt. wasn’t as nice, but at least it didn’t have a massive leak in the ceiling. Her husband then comes home from deployment and they decide to buy their first house. They find one in a brand new neighborhood. They decide to buy this house… enter: Morrissey curse. Now, being that this story is obviously not about me, I can’t tell you all of the details or ALL of the things that happened. Continuing on…… They move into their new house. The house next door hadn’t been built yet, so the builder starts on his next project. And for reasons unknown, this said builder hires some men who don’t speak English to work for him. And I don’t know what it is, but these men felt the need ruin this girls’ property. Enter: Morrissey curse. These men plugged in a little oven thing to cook burritos on her front porch without asking. They used her water without asking. They dug up her yard without asking. Husband gets deployed again. Now…. It’s a good thing this girl had this best friend, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it. ;)
The house next door finally gets completed and she can finally breathe. WRONG. ENTER: Morrissey curse. Her power gets cut off. Why? Well…. Someone “forgot” to write her street down and had the wrong address under her name. So after days of complaints, they finally get it worked out. And all the meanwhile, there are family issues going on that drive the stress level up. Like I said… good thing she had the best friend.

Now… Why do I tell you this tale? Because. I don’t want to toot my own horn (although I totally am), I am the best friend in that story. And little did I know what I was getting myself in to when I became the said best friend. I know I couldn’t go into detail about this whole Morrissey curse thing… but believe me, it’s bad. Actually, when you’re the one looking in from the outside, it’s pretty dang funny. BUT I BECAME THE BEST FRIEND. And when that happens, things sort of “rub off” during a relationship such as this. What am I talking about? If you haven’t figured it out by now, I now have THE MORRISSEY CURSE. Yes…..I have the curse by proxy. Now how, you ask, do I know that this curse has followed me and my family? Well I’m prepared to make the list of what this curse is capable of. And mind you, all this has happened in a 3 week period.

1) Our moving van we thought, would be big enough. Nope. Couches, 2 hutches, and about 20 boxes get left behind in Savannah. ( And this may be bad.. but I’m actually happy about it)
2) We move. Simple enough, but our 10 hour drive turned in to 17 hours, 2 days, a hotel night’s stay, and seeing every rest stop and side of every highway from GA to Memphis.
3) Day after we arrive at our new home, van breaks. $400 later…..
4) Kayleb decides to play and throws a shirt INTO his fan in his room. Blade breaks off, shoots across the room, knocks the blinds off the window, shatters the light fixture on it, and kills the motor. $60 later for a replacement fan……
5) We’re in our new house, been here for 2 weeks and AC breaks. And of course, it breaks on a Saturday night. We live in 95 degree house for 3 days until it gets fixed. TORTURE.
6) Car starts overheating. Take it in to get fixed. $700 later……
7) Rick starts work. He’s been warned over and over again about how this is one of the worst schools in the area. Yup…. He’s been working for 3 days and he already wants to look for a new job.

Ok… I’ll leave it at that. There’s more, but I won’t bore you. Lol So hence…. The Morrissey Curse. It’s followed me and I’m hoping that over time it will find its way back to savannah and leave it there.

Moral of the story…if you become best friends with someone who’s married into a curse……either dump them as a friend or be prepared for the curse to follow. In my case- I’d much rather have the curse follow and have a really good friend to depend on. (aaahhhh..... so sweet huh?)

The End

Or is it???


Zarah said...

Oooouch!! Poor you - and poor your friend!! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh that's hilarious (she says, looking in from the outside.) ;)
Hate that Rick's hating the job...middle schoolers are the toughest! I'm taking a 'classroom management' class this Fall that will hopefully give me some clue of what to do in my classroom (when I get there!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for y'all!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I really really like you.

Lisa Brown said...

Wow! That is awful! I am so sorry and I hope the curse leaves you, as long as it stays away from me :).

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Well, I enjoyed that tale. Sorry Rick hates the job. That sux!


Amie said...

yikes, gal!!