Sunday, August 10, 2008

INfo Needed

So my external harddrive went AWOL on me and so being that i cleared my computer before i moved and put everything on that stinkin thing (yah..i know)- i no longer have ANY of my email addy's.
i'm putting my personal email out there for ya'll. I want you guys to email me personally so I can have your email addy's on file. ANd if you want to be my friend and want me to email you- shoot me a message too. :)-
Actually... i've made some REALLY GREAT friends just by becoming email buddies, and i'm always looking for another excuse to get on my email even more than i already do.... so send it on over! lol

here it is,

Gettin ready for the big day tomorrow. Kids start school and hubby starts teaching his first day. I'll go into the whole saga of what he has in store for him sometime this week. I think I'll wait to post about until after the first couple days of school to see if he survives. ;)-

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the real ~Roxann~ said...

He'll survive! He's A SURVIVOR!!! And he's cute to boot!!!!!!

Poor sounds like it must be bad. I texted you like days ago....never heard back. What? Are you busy or something?!??!?!