Friday, September 18, 2009

New Do

I was so flippin sick of my nasty hair... I snapped today. lol
i called and made an apt. to get my hair cut and 2 hours later.... this is what I came out with.


Why oh why do I make myself go through that horrid "hate my hair" phase several times a year? at least it's over for now.

cute huh? :)

now this crazy storm blew in last night. This picture was taken just west of my house.... what it typically looks like at dusk.
then if you turned immediately to the east... this is what you saw......
it was creeping over the mountains like this giant dark monster that wanted to eat you alive. lol
seriously... one second it was all bright and sunshiny.. then the next second it was dark and creepy. The color was the creepiest part... it was a wierd shade of yellow/green. Luckily...we survived. It was just a good rain storm with wind. :)
just thought I'd share the latest..... lol


cabeandmelplus3 said...

Yeah that was a bit crazy! We didn't get any rain, but the clouds were SO dark! Here is was so trippy it was more of an orange color and it made everything look brighter! And we were on a walk so it made our skin look orange! Spooky!! But beautiful!

cabeandmelplus3 said...

Oh and your hair is very cute! :0)

Olivia Carter said...

Love the new hair! SO CUTE!

Lindsey said...

The hair is adorable! Looks great on you!
The storm, on the other hand, is nothing new to a Texan... those sorts of clouds are fairly typical in these parts, especially during the Spring... otherwise known as tornado season!

Amie said...

your hair looks awesome and I love storms like that!