Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Need an Update?

Maybe.....but only because i don't write on here often enough. It's def. in the goals to update more often- i promise!

So here's the lowwdown.....

I spent the last month traveling again. This time it was to Tulsa, OK, Charlotte, NC, and Somerset, NJ. Each trip was a blast of course, but it took a serious toll on my knee. after the last trip, I just about died of pain- so it was a good thing i scheduled the surgery.

I had surgery on Sept. 2. Yes... the date changed. but it was good. I wasn't nervous at all- the anesthesia knocked me out good and they loaded me up on 3 doses of morphine afterwards (I was high as a kite... I might add) . But things went well, nothing else was found and everything was repaired.
I was up and walking on my leg just 1 hour after surgery and it hasn't been too bad since either.
Post 1 week surgery: I'm moving around pretty easily. My knee feels like it's going to give out every now and again. Stairs are still hard and kneeling down is not even an option yet, but there's no pain and i doubt I'l have any scars. I had a wonderful doctor and as soon as I'm completely pain free.... i'm sure i'll love him more. lol

So things are good. :)

Kids started school- they love it thank heavens! Me too.... summer is so stressful for me, but this one again esp. since we had to move yet again. But we're all happy, healthy, and things are going very well for us now!

So.... do i have pics of the house... of course! do i have them on the computer yet? of course not! lol.... because i'm still a loser. I've taken the pics, I've got them... just not on the computer yet and I'll totally get them up by the end of the week I swear. I do still love my house and the fact that i have the best family ever and they have come down to help us a few times is just awesome.

So I'll leave you with a funny:

Mia comes up to Rick last night with a sad/guilty look on her face and says
"Daddy, I'm really sorry... but I ate your lipstick."
Rick: "You did? where is it?"
Mia: "Right here. I'm really sorry daddy."

she then pulls out his chapstick and true to her word.... looked like it had been eaten completely gone. lol
(and no... she hasn't felt sick or anything)

gotta love the kiddos!


Lisa Brown said...

I think Lily ate a chapstick when she was little too :). At least she admitted it to you - so funny! And glad your knee is doing better!

BiblioBags said...

So glad things are going okay now. Hope the knee gets better! We need to catch up!