Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jayce Richard Winward

Well folks... he's finally here! I've been resting up and trying to get used to life with 4 kids- hence the reason I haven't posted until now.
I went into labor on Sunday night and Monday morning at 11:04 am Jayce made his debut into the world. I had to push only one time..... so it was great for me (and he had no cone head either.)
So things are good. He's healthy and for the most part a happy baby. He's uber cute with those fabulous chubby cheeks. Having him makes me realize how much I NEEDED another baby. (yes...needed) And being that the kids are on summer break, I don't get to ease into the whole 4 kid thing. Rick left me the other day to go to the store and I had all of them. It was good- pretty funny actually. Thing is, I'm handling 4 A LOT better than I did with 3.
I'm feeling great! Just not being pregnant anymore is wonderful and being that I can fit into some of my non-prego shirts makes me feel so much better. It's been nice to just rest and not worry about things. (even though it won't last much longer)

Anyway- Here's the specs and some pics. The pics of Jayce look funky- his head isn't THAT deformed. it's not deformed at all. guess i just had the wrong angle. But he is just so cute- I love him. Guess i'll keep him around....... :)-

Jayce Richard Winward
June 23, 2008
11:04 am
7 lb 2 oz
18.5 in long
(yes... he's my biggest baby and even came 3 weeks early!)

And here's a few funnies:

Kids came to visit in the hospital and kayleb was so excited. He wrote his name on a napkin and when he first saw Jayce, he walked up to him and holds the napkin up and says "Hi baby Jayce. I'm Kayleb. see.... here's my name. K A Y L E B" It was so stinkin cute. I got a pic of it. :)

Then the proud oldest sister holding him for the first time. She is at my feet all day long saying "mom... i washed my hands, can i hold him?" "mom.. can i touch his head?" "mom... I'll feed him if you want me to."

She's so helpful- it will be really nice once we move.

Then the proud papa. this pic is smooshed for some reason..... but you get a better idea of how round baby really is.

And this cake.... the hospital made it and gave it to us. How cool is that? and it is SO YUMMY!

anyway...... there he is... all perfect and wonderful. I'll post more later when I get around to it. :)


Tam said...

HI Rox's Friend Tam here!
HOW cute! Congrats a thousand times over!!!!!

And wow a CAKE....tooo cool!

Take CARE!

Casey Lu said...

Congrats Amber!!! He is so beautiful!!!! The picture of big brother holding up the napkin is priceless!!! You have such a beautiful family and I wish you the best with Jayce!

Amie said...

yay!! Congrats! he's sooo cute! (I love his name--our neighbor across the street has a son named Jace) What big helpers you have. Looks like the kids are gonna love him to pieces! (So happy for you that you're not pregnant any more!)

Unknown said...

Congrats Amber- Jayce is SO cute... you're other kiddies look so proud... (((hugs))) to you all. Xx

Rebecca said...

Congrats Rick & Amber. Isn't that nice when the kids come earlier than expected. Good pictures and you're doing great to be blogging just 3-4 days after having a baby. Love the update! (Brad & Rebecca)

lindy said...

Amber and Rick and family We are so happy for you. he is PERFECT! You have such a beautiful family. We miss you all. When you get settled I want to come visit. LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

He is GORGEOUS. You can already see the "Winward" in him! Congratulations!!!

And yay for the hospital for giving you a cake!

{Elyse} said...

Holy Cow Amber... you have 4 kids!! Thats crazy, but he is absolutley adorable! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

oh my freaking gosh he's adorable! I can smell that yummy baby neck from here!!!! :)
Congrats to the lovely family!

Zarah said...

Cuuuute little mister! He chose a REALLY good birthdate too - I know I'll always love him best, just for that. *grins*

Congrats hun - an congrats us, because now you're not gonna have to dodge cameras anymore! ;)


Alycia Sanders said...

awww, how *sweet*! congratulations!

Victoria said...

Congratulations!! I'm SOOOO happy for you and SOOOO jealous that you're all done being pregnant. Hey, if mine comes 3 weeks early I could be done in just a few weeks, hmmmm. Pray for me:)

Anonymous said...

congrats to the cute little guy. Take care and enjoy to be a mom of 4;-)

Gems said...

Oh my gosh, he is so cute :o) And what a sweet little name too!

His older siblings look like they love him already!


lindy said...

Hi again we sent you a package yesterday. I hope it arrives safely. Hope you are all doing well.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

OMGOSH.. Im sooo crying... Im so happy and he is just GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats to you and the whole family!!! YAY~ :)

Nicole Martel said...

aw big congrats to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Good job lady! You sure know how to cook a cute baby. ;)

Kayla said...

Amber, he is so cute!!! Congratualtions of #4!!!

Lisa Brown said...

Congrats! I keep meaning to call you. And he is adorable! Are you sure your due date was right? He is so big and chubby for being 3 weeks early. How much fun!

PS. I had asked Hailey what his name was, and she told me he was "Casper" - he he!

Melanie said...

Congratulations, Amber! He's adorable!!!!