Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Holy Schmoly!

Ok.... so we're alive! we've moved, we've unpacked just about everything, and my decor is up! It actually feels like home now- which is nice since I haven't had it in a LONG time. :)

It is So incredibly funny living here. I mean, it's a huge bonus to be near family- which i totally love, but it's alos hilarious to see how *wierd* (for me) it is to be in the middle of "mormon-ville".

So i've compiled a list of things of how to tell you are truly in Utah aka "mormon-ville":

1) You move into a condo building and find out that everyone in that building, and the building next to it, and the building next to that are LDS (mormon).

2) You move in and the first day you have people knockin on your door welcoming you and handing you homemade rolls.

3) You take your kids to school and the first things you hear are : "I know some Winwards, they were in my bishopric in such and such a place." or "I used to live in Rexburg, I went to Ricks College- I assume that's why you were there too?"

4) You go to church and it's PACKED. And then once you come home from church, you have 5 people knocking on your door to introduce themselves and offer any help.

5) You attend a company christmas party and the first thing they do is offer a prayer for the food.

And that my friends... is just the beginning! lol- it's seriously hilarious. I thought GA was a different culture- well so is this. And it's taking just as much to get used to it as it was to get used to the South.

So- we have a home (for the next 8 months) and we're glad to be here. It's been a tough past 6 months and i'm glad to have that behind us. Let's just hope that from here on out- it will be "easy-going" and I'll finally have a chance to breath! :)


Lindsey said...

Dang... sounds like a great place to be if you ask me! Much different from the concerns you had in Georgia. Enjoy the peace and free food!

BiblioBags said...

That's great that people are being nice . . . my brother and sis-in-law NEVER had HTs or VTs come to see them in their ward in UT. In fact, no one talked to them for a year! So at least you seem to be in a nice part of "Mormonville"!

Jen Gallacher said...

I am so stinkin' happy to have you close. You have no idea!! :) I'll shoot you my phone # via e-mail later. I'm too tired right now. LOL!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Lot's of McMormons! YAY! Mormonville sounds divine! Call when you can! Miss you! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I think I am a little bit jealous. I must be turning into a prude if living around a bunch of mormons makes me jealous.
I am glad that things are evening out for you. Maybe I won't feel guilty if I call you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just checking in at the Nook after awhile and saw your old comment. I lived in Utah (Logan) for 2 years in college. I also went to Massage Therapy school in Salt Lake.
Utah is the meca of scrapbook stores, so jealous!
You just moved-congrats on making it- and I'm getting ready to in 2 weeks! Agh! It's torture and exciting at the same time!
ta! Danielle

Anonymous said...

Ha! Utah scared the pants off me the first time I lived there.

It was like walking into Mormon Stepford until you got to know people and find out they're all just as human as you are.

Lisa Brown said...

It is a different world :). And it awesome that they are so friendly, as I have had both extremes in the different wards I have been in there. Oh, and I am still waiting on your address :).

Amie said...

welcome home =)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Oh how I wish you the best in your new spot! Ive been thinking about you alot! You are one heck of a woman to have been through so much in the past 6 months and still come out on top smiling!..
... Congrats on your spot in the community!

Cindy Howard said...

Sounds pretty nice, I think I'd like it.

Cindy Howard said...

Sounds pretty nice, I think I'd like it.