Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving.... Again.

Yes- again. i'm so sick of it all. and out of all the moves we've had this year, this has been the smoothest. (knock on wood)
So we leave first thing in the morning. Truck is packed, everything is out of the house, and i'm ready to be done with the whole moving thing.
and wha'ts better... we get to do it again... in 8 months. yah. but that will be OK- cause hopefully by then, we'll be in a place to actually get in a place semi-permanently. (as in a few years at least)

so wish me luck. Don't know if if i'll be able to post tomorrow- and i'll try on Thursday, but who knows. don't have internet set up at the new place yet, so we may just have to wait a while until i get it. Unless of course i can bum it off a neighbor! :)-

next time you hear from me... i'll be a Utahan. this should be interesting....... lol


Kayla said...

I'll trade you an hour of internet time for 20 minutes of your amazing powers of organization! haha! Let us know what kind of help you need.

Unknown said...

I'm gald you guys have somewhere to go - even if it's just for a little while. Hey, can you send me your new address please? My email is losbradley at yahoo. Thanks! Good luck with the move and settling in.