Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nook DT Call

Ok- it's that time again for another DT call for The Nook. I've been on the team for 2 years now and I love it. the kits are ALWAYS fantastic. So believe me... you can take my word for it!
here's the details:

The Scrapbook Nook Kit Club is currently seeking some new designers to be a part of our creative team and share in the fun of our monthly kit club! We are looking for talented, motivated, enthusiastic, responsible designers to design layouts and projects each month from our kit. Our 6 month term will start in January with the February kit!

A designer’s job:
1. Design at least 3 projects from each month’s kit.
2. Add at least 1 non kit something to the gallery per month..
3. Be an active member of the message board.
4. Help Moderate the boards.
5. Create online classes based around the kit- about every other month.
6. Promote the club.

What you will receive: A fresh kit each month packed with brand new release goodies valued at appx $32 Additional product donated by manufacturers 25 % discount on add ons Bio up on the website fame, honor & glory! There will also be occasional contests and opportunities for you to earn extras.

To apply: Please send an e-mail to by January 2nd including:
1. Link to an online gallery where we can see your current work.
2. Answer the following questions (If a link to a scrapbook resume answers most of these, provide the link, and answer the extras ): A: List your prior experience B: Design Teams you are currently affiliated with C: Describe your style D: Have you been published; if so, where? E: Online Message boards you are active on F: What makes you a unique asset to our kit club?
3. Tell us about you. How long have you been scrapping? What’s your motivation? What do you do for work? What’s your favorite product line? What scrapping trend do you not like? What other things make you tick? Why do I want YOU on the DT?
4. Name, address, phone number, e-mail, personal website if applicable New DTers will be announced by Jan 5th. For more information e-mail dt@myscrapbooknook or visit our website at

Hope some of you apply- it's uber fun!

PS-Thanks for all the nice comments on my dresser aka my entertainment center! Roxy- It' sin my living room holding my TV and hiding everything else! And Becky.... tips: get a power sander. using just a piece of sand paper and your hand IS NOT FUN. plus- use a tinted primer, takes a lot of work off of the painting process. ANd for others: if you want inspiration- check out Pottery Barn website- FULL of nice eye candy. :)


Jen Gallacher said...

WHOA! The dresser turned out AWESOME, woman. You are crazy good. :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

You don't know how much I would LOVE to go out for the Nook DT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss this team :(