Friday, December 12, 2008


My little baby boy rolled over for the first time yesterday! and guess what? I MISSED IT! oh well... i turned him back over and made him do it again and he did. so i was happy! and the other best part is that he can say MAMA now too! same day! the thing is- he says it not in reference to me... but because he can actually say something and it's said when he's sad. oh well.... at least it was MAMA first and not DADA. all of our other kids all said DADA first. so i'm happy- regardless of it's meaning right now!

and i'm currently working on re-finishing an old dresser. been workin' hard for 2 days straigh because it's supposed to snow every day for the next week. (ask me how excited i am about that one......) so hopefully i can get it in my house tonight.

i'll post before and after pics once i'm done! toodles!

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