Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Guy, Little Guy

The Provo Library does these wonderful little activities. They do the annual Fairy Tea Party (I showed pics from last years) and then they do a Big Guy, Little Guy activity. THy ny las abut an hour, but they are so much fun and they get families to do things together.

The boys went over this past weekend. It was a mid-evil period party. They got to dig for gold, play basketball (didn't know that was avilable back then lol), face painting, and sword fighting.

Here are a few shots of Kayleb. Notice how he can't be normal in any of them lol. He and Rick had a great time though!

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BiblioBags said...

Oh, I love it. Fairy tea party for the girls, then violence for the men. :)

It's so cool all the stuff you've gotten to do lately! We need to talk sometime . . . it's been way to long!

Love you guys!