Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to catch up.

Now that the "official" stuff is over- I'll start posting about our holidays. I kinda liked posting everyday...maybe I can keep it going? lol

So.. I"ll have to do several posts- because honestly... there was just too much awesomeness going on to do just one post. seriously- my family rocks. :)

We have SO much fun together and I just love spending time with them.

First off- Is my cooky little boy. He's the funniest little kid you will ever meet. ANd he gets a kick out of the littlest things. One example:

all the kids were making gingerbread houses and he was totally not interested. He'd rather play with his cars. So as I was taking pics, he decided to start running and hiding from me instead of playing nice and letting me get a good picture. (littel turkey)

so he takes off and after he discovered I wouldn't chase him... he comes back and starts playing "peek-a-boo".
When I turn around and snap a shot- he laughs hysterically and then takes off again.
you get the picture. it lasted like an hour....lol

anyway- a few shots- they are blurry.. but he's so dang cute- i have to show them.

isn't he a hoot? lol

And then on another note: I made my brother and sister-in-law their wedding album. (i know.. it's been almost 2 years) And I was SO STINKIN PROUD of it!! It was awesome.. even by my standards. lol

ANyway- a whole book book full of deliciosness- because seriously, their pictures were TO DIE FOR. If anyone in Utah needs a recomendation for wedding photography- I can totally hook you up.

So yah- here are a few pictures in the succession of them opening the box and seeing it. They loved it and it makes me happy that they get to enjoy it :)
So this is them taking it out of the box and discovering what it is.
Then we have the discovery of what it REALLY is. (isn't her face priceless?)
And then we have the final look...after she's looked at the whole thing. (you think she likes it?)
It was so fun. I took pics of all the pages- I just have to find the pictures now. lol Then I'll post some.
SO there ya go... the first of many posts about our vacation :)


LG said...

You've captured great memories here. I also love those blurry pictures that we take from time to time of our kids. Those are the "real moments" that we wanted to capture. And that expression from your SIL is priceless. I am sure they love it so much

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, thes picture's are pricless!!
& i love those picture's of jace too, even if they are blurry, it add's that playfull feel to them!!

Susan Coish said...

Wow! What a fabulous gift! And well worth every minute put into it for a reaction like that!

Amie said...

what an amazing gift for her!! Can I be your SIL? :)

Deanna said...

What a fun moment! So glad you took pics of them opening! Totally made it worthwhile, didn't it? I'm sure you rocked it!

Shawna said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing with us!