Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craziness- Scrap stuff for sale!!!

We are moving this summer... again. (tell me about it) More than likely in about a month or so. So i've begun the process of going through everything and cleaning out.

I happen to have a couple boxes of my paper I designed that I need to get rid of asap.

here are the options:

1 large pack = 10 papers of each design, total 6 (*12)designs. $12

* I have a total of 6 packs of each line available in this option*

1 small pack = 25 papers of 1 design. $6

* I have a total of 2 packs of each design available in this option*

If you don't remember the lines- there are 3 total. Beach Boy, BFF, and Winter Wonderland. Each line has 6 double-sided papers (*total of 12 designs). They are packaged up, ready to be shipped. Shipping will be a flat $10 regardless of how many you purchase. I will accept Paypal ONLY. and will only ship to US residents. (if you are in Utah county or Pocatello, I can arrange to bring them to you or meet up somewhere)

Here are the pics for the lines- email me @ for your preferences. Spread the word, I need to get rid of ALL of them by the end of May.

BFF: (click to enlarge)

Beach Boy: (click to enlarge)

Winter Wonderland: (click to enlarge)

Will post updates as I get rid of them. If you want to combine shipping amongst friends- great, but be aware that shipping might be a little more based on how many boxes it takes to send :)

(dont' know what's going on with this crazy spacing crap... sorry. lol)

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Amie said...

Are. You. Serious. Where are you going this time?