Saturday, April 18, 2009

Went to the park today

and it lasted a whole hour. I guess that's good- considering.
but here's the thing. This parkis friggin fantastic. It's called Discovery park and it looks like a wooden castle when you first see it. It's huge, full of fun things- and it's there to entertain for HOURS.

So we've been battling the flu this week and today was literally the first day we could play and have fun. (Being that spring break is now offically over- go figure)

We get to the park- the kids play, and almost an hour goes by and then all at the same time- Hailey and Kayleb come up to me and say "I don't feel good mom"


so we rush home, no one eats dinner, and now they are laying on the couch.

and what does this mean for me? i probably get to spend the next week locked inside my house AGAIN battling whatever this is.

good news: our health insurance kicked in- so if anything happens, at least we're covered. That feels good.

So thought i'd share the only happy pic from the day. Mia was the one sick this week- so of course she's the only one who wanted to stay and play today. At least someone was happy right?


cabeandmelplus3 said...

Oh bummer!! When you are all better I want to meet you at that park! I have heard that that park is too fun!! Hope you all get better soon! And we can play!

Lisa Brown said...

Just got caught up on your past few posts - that is abummer about the sickness going through your house! And the snow. When I was in Idaho, I remembered why I hate winter :).