Monday, April 20, 2009

My Baby boy: The nut

SO little boy is 10 months now- i know... CRAZY.
Husband and I had a little fun last night taking pictues of him while doing all his little quirky things. He's just so much fun right now and is just a hoot to watch.

he just started doing this funny thing- he'll get up on his hands, then go up on his tip toes into a piked position. THen he'll rest his head on the floor and jst sit in that position for a minute. it's so funny.

Rick got the picture of him doing it last night, so you can see what I mean. (and I should mention as well that Rick took all of these pics. pretty good huh?!)

just thought I'd share a few cute pics of my baby from the night. Isn't he adorable? :)


Amie said...

he looks like a little yoga instructor. =) Cute!

Victoria said...

Ha... Bailee just did this the other day. It was so funny...she isn't as balanced as your baby is tho. He sure is cute.

BiblioBags said...

Charlie does that yoga pose thing, too! But he didn't do it as young as Jayce. Love that pic of you two looking at each other . . . so sweet!

Awesome Andrew said...

amber, the ones i just took of my fam are here in lehi at the rockwell hotel! just on the side of the building on main street! there are a TON of old buildings in lehi that are genius! the ones i took of my sister cheree we're up in ogden but by union station just a lot of old abandonded buildings! we'll have to go spot watching sometime! haha! (like bird watching only better)~!