Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We're Out of Here!!!!

Don't be missing me too much- cause I won't be posting or be back until Monday or Tuesday. WHy you ask? Because we're only going to the greatest place on earth!!!- that's right folks.... we're off to have a "magical" weekend where "magical" things take place and "magical" will be used in just about every sentence from here on out. :)-

We're going here:

To most definitely see this guy: wouldn't be a complete trip without hime right?

And Of course we have to see this guy: (cause little boy asked) :)-

And the Main reason we're going is to see these ladies: (because honestly.... what little girl DOESN"T want to see them?)- especially Ariel, cause that's the "phase" we're currently in.

So wish us luck on the drive, not that long from here- but I know it will be long enough for my kids to want to beat each other up by the time we arrive.

OH! And I can't forget to tell you where we're stopping on our way back! This place is way too cool- ever heard of it? It's called Dungeness, GA. I'll def. be posting TONS of pics when we get back.- I'll aslo explain about what it is... lol--- Have a great weekend!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Have a *mIcKeY MaGiCaL* vacation!!! Talk to you when you get back.....


Becky Heisler said...
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Becky Heisler said...

Have an awesome time Amber !!!!