Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally!---- and a cutie :)

Ok- so I've always complained that I haven't had seasons since moving here and one of the seasons I miss most is Fall. I love all the beautful trees and colors and just the crispness of nice fall air. I wish I could just see mountain after mountain of fall colors, but alas..... i have to deal with forests of pine trees.

I've been looking all over trying to find some pretty fall pics since about end of October. I find some pretty trees on the side of the highway, but we obviously can't be stopping to take pictures.

I was looking out my window today and realized a tree that is right outside that has turned this beautiful shade of red. So I whipped out the telephoto lens, ripped the screen out of my window- and started shooting some pics. Now granted, They aren't my ideal choice of GOOD fall pictures, but they'll have to do! I think some of them turned out real pretty. If anyone know some good places for fall pictures in the South... let me know- i'm in dire need of a good photoshoot!

And also- I had to show this. Baby had her first offense with coloring on the wall. lasted longer than either of the other 2 kids! She found some colors and made a pretty picture on the inside of one of my closets. As you can see by the picture- sh'es quite proud of herself and her creation!


Lisa Brown said...

Yeah, I have been having the same problem finding fall colors. In college I just used to drive up Provo Canyon to get gorgeous fall pics. Oh well, that's Savannah. Oh, and good one Mia - just don't teach Derek anything.

Kelly said...

Looks like a MURAL to me! At least it's not out in the open ;)