Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Nook Rocks/ Sad News

So you know that I'm on this design team for this AMAZING kit club. Well... my good buddy Leah has put together another smasher for the month of May. Here are 2 pages I've done from this kit so far. Seriously..... aren't these supplies just yummy?! Stop waiting and click here and sign up for the club.... you won't regret it. Put my name in the referral spot if you do.

ON a more serious note...
My very very good friend Jen Gallacher has suffered a major loss this week. Her son Joey lost his battle with cancer on Saturday night. He was such an amazing boy. He had a sweet spirit that was rare. I remember his sweet smile and how everyone just loved him. He was a friend to everyone and would make everyone smile just because. He will be deeply missed and ask that if you pray- to please send your prayers for her and her family while they go through this terrible time. Her blog is at right and she has some pictures of him on there. There is a blog set up for donations to send to her family to help cover some of the medical expenses. If you have it in your budget and hear to help them out, that would be absolutely wonderful. You can find it here. I love you Jen....I'm so sorry for your loss.

This photo was taken 1 year ago...as Jen said... "before the cancer stole the sparkle from his eyes."
This is the Joey I remember.


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Once again, rockin' layouts!

I'm so sorry for Jen. You know, I only met her like 2-3 times, but she seems so sweet and I know how much you Jamie and Kris love her. I just hope that her family find the peace and comfort the need very quickly.

I miss ya girl! Love, Roxann

Oh, I taped the Mormon thing on PBS last night. Did you watch it? Let me know what you thought..

Tam, I am said...

Beautiful LOs Amber.

I am so sorry for your friend.

Anonymous said...

Those kits are great! Of course, it doesn't hurt to have your talent . . .

I hope everyone keeps praying for the Gallachers. They are such an awesome family. Joey will be greatly missed, but I'm positive he's happy and at peace where he is now.