Friday, April 27, 2007

I"m not missing - I promise!

I've had a problem lately. I had some skin issues i wanted to deal with and in searching for a product to help me, it instead, gave me an allergic reaction. Yup..... my face is red, swollen, bumps, and itches like crazy. It sucks to say the least. So- I'm on benadryl and cortisone cream, in hopes that I can find something I'm not allergic to. SO please... if anyone has anything you think i can try - please leave a comment. Face wash, acne treament, facial creams or moisturizers, whatever! Just nothing with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide..... tha'ts what's killed me to begin with!


Zarah said...

Wish I could help you! You poor thing! :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! That stinks! So here are some suggestions . . . wait until the allergic reaction goes away until you try anything new. Wash with mild soap like Neutrogena (although, double-check the ingredients) twice a day and moisturize afterwards with something made for sensitive faces until your reaction is gone. Hydrogen peroxide can help with breakouts, but it really stings. Anything with alcohol does too, but it also stings! Since you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide, a cleanser/astringent/toner with alcohol is probably your best bet. You could also try Vitamin E supplements. Also, I know it sounds weird, but white toothpaste can get rid of redness if you put it on overnight. Although, check the ingredients . . . Finally, maybe ask a pharmacist. They'd tell you what to get . . . Hope you feel better!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Poor baby! That stinks. Without knowing exactly what type of "skin issue" you had to begin's hard to know what to recommend.

But, my MIL has extremely sensitive skin, so I could ask her what she uses. As long as you don't mind smelling like your 75!
Ha ha!!

Melissa said...

That sucks! Use Cetaphil face wash. My dermatologist recommended it when I was a teenager because it is effective, but a mild soap. I looked on the pack and it doesn't have your bad ingredient. I have some if you ever want to try it.

Anonymous said...

Eeewwwwwww! Did you come to work looking like an ogre??? No wonders sales sucked! hee hee ;)