Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet another one

I, for some reason, am really attracted to the whole digi scrappin' thang. I do love sitting at the computer and creating something- this can be a little frustrating, which I don't like- BUT, to come with something is very fulfilling! I've been working on this one all day- due to computer problems (gggrrrrrr). Never fear either.... I'm not giving up paper scrapping for anything... this is just a fun side thing. :)
SO- here it is. Think I can make a career out of it?! Hang on to your panties.. I"m gonna go hybrid scrapping soon too!

Gina Cabrera
Leah Riordan
Stacy Carlson
Terry Maruca
J Crowley


Zarah said...

Very pretty! :D

Tam, I am said...

Awesome LO! One of these days I am going to have to give digi a go.

AMANDA said...

I love it amber!! You did an awesome job!! It looks way good...You'll have to send me a bigger version of it so I can see it better!! :)

Anonymous said...

No no no! Don't give into the dark side! JK--you suck because you rock at everything. This page is so amazing, really! I hate you. :)

Anonymous said...

Since you never called me back last night, I am going to have to bust your chops....I distinctly remember a very heated conversation about some lady winning some huge contest but she was a digi scrapper and you felt that it was not real scrapbooking. Now, as long as you still paperscrap, I'll forgive you.
It is cute, but I really do enjoy your paper LOs better. :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Although the digi is cute....I'm still stickin' w/ my paper and adhesive!!

Maybe someday I'll try it, though, who knows?!