Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was doing laundry and taking a load out of the dryer... and look what I found:

it's a horrible picture- but you get the idea.

Yah... Mia put CRAYONS in her SOCK!!

and the result: 9 shirts, 10 socks, 1 underwear, and 3 pants RUINED. I'm lucky most of it was fine. The worst part.... most of what was ruined was all NEW clothes purchased right before school. And every child suffered a loss.

GGGRRRR..... looks like kids will be losing one toy for christmas and getting clothing in it's place. :(


Kayla said...

Ah, children. Gotta love the little boogers. I had a kid do that a while back. There was red crayon all over everything! It looked like blood and gore in some places.

Unknown said...

Don't throw those clothes away! I remember hearing a way to get crayon out - I'll try to find it for you. Yikes - kids!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh!! THat looks fun! I am famous for washing chapstick, or paper, gum, and an occasional cell phone, but wow that looks like no fun!

Amie said...

ugh that sucks!!!

Shampoo--cheap stuff, like suave. Shampoo the individual crayon marks (that sock may be a lost cause) and you'll get a lot of it out.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Bummers!! I can honestly say that's never happened to me. Yet. But I have washed a cell phone, the ipod 2x, rocks, leaves, erasers, pens, pencils and money.

Were you able to clean any of it with Amie's suggestions?