Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally- a breath!

So...... think I've been scrapping right? NOT! I had soo many plans and so many projects to work on this week and decided to "scrap" them (figuratively speaking). So- now that I've had so much time on my hands (major understatment)- I've been able to go on a date with my husband and celan the house majorly. I must admit- feels really good! After much debate and frustration- I'm not oging to do the Design Team for KI or Scenic Route. I really just don't have the time to get the submissions together. I've been spending a lot fo time with my kids- which has been great, and focusing more on the important things of life. So- I did manage to create our family photo frame (s). now that Mia is 7 mo. old- i figure it should be time to incorporate her photo amongst our family pics hanging up in the house. Up until now- she's been a non-existant child that only existed in the flesh. Now there's proofon the walls that she's an actual part of the family! Poor thing! ok- these aren't the best of pictures- believe me..... I know! but just the general idea of what it looks like!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amber, love this photo/scrap frame. I just think it is darling!!! You are very talented. I will keep you on my favorites bar and check back often. Be good and good luck being queen.

Kelly Lown