Thursday, August 03, 2006

Work Work Work

Ok- so have you ever felt like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? I think i've reached that point. I have so many projects and definitely not enough time to do it. ALTHOUGH..... all the things i'm doing are completely optional. hahahahaha! I just want to conentrate on building my portfolio and resume- that I"m trying to get as much on my plate as i can. I'm in 2 contests and currently working on 2 Design Team submissions, and working on my own stuff. It is a lot. I've been putting out some good work. I've been really challenged through these contests and I love that. I don' thave to do the Design Teams, but the more and more I submit- the more likely I"ll have the chance that they'll recognize my work and want to see more. So it's a tough call. I'm loving the work I do. I've completely re-done my daily schedule. I've cut my work time in half so I can spend more time with the kids and cleaning house.....mommy duties. It's been wonderful- but I could defnitely use more hours in the day!
Anyway- here's my latest creation. I love this picture. It's so inspiring. Love my girls! Enjoy too!


Anonymous said...

I likes it :-) and I have those ribbons lol!

Anonymous said...

It is the hardest thing in the world to balance our "mommy duties" with the rest of our lives :). From what I've seen, you are great at it.

Anonymous said...

Um, YUMMY layout, girlie!! Very different for you; although, I see that you snuck some circles into it by using the pattern paper. CLEVER!! Are you going to submit this somewhere or this for one of your DT entries?