Friday, August 18, 2006

New Stuff/Sad Stuff

Ok- so a couple of things. First of all- I'll be guest blogging at Carolees Creations/Adornit on August 28th. So I'll have abunch of pages and projects made with my product. It's all about promotion and helping to get the word out... so tell all your friends!
My daughter just went to preschool for the first time today. It is so empty in my house! Now- I have 3 kids- Hailey is 4 and Kayleb is 3... and they fight hard and love hard. So- needless to say- it is very calm and quiet in my house today- which i love. It's been a nice break. But she's gone from 8-3 every day and I am sad that my girl is not with me anymore I'm constantly thinking about her and if she's ok. I'm sure i'll get over it! Aw- so sad! Anywho... here's her funny pics of her first day of school. she's such a nut. Had to get a new outfit and shoes and a backpack. She thought she was so cool! Ok- I'll get over my sad sad story.......


Anonymous said...

Ahh! That is freaking me out, because if Hailey is old enough for that, Lily is just around the corner. Do our babies really have to grow up??

Cindy Howard said...

She looks soo cute, and her outfit is adorable. I didn't realize she was as old as she is, she's so tiny.