Thursday, January 04, 2007

Freakin' Hilarious I am!!!!

Yup... that's what I am! I'm not afraid to admit that I think I'm the funniest person on earth. This is just one instance in which I claim my funniest person in the world claim. I have NEVER been good at wrapping presents. It's always been a huge struggle to get the paper just right and have it look neat and clean. So- this Christmas... was no different! Funny enough, by coincidence, I was working one day when my friend Kristine comes walking in and starts wrapping some of her gifts. I was watching her (unbenounced to her) and how she wrapped. The heavens opened and the angels sang.... I GOT IT!!! Why had it been so hard? So.... after I had wrapped 99.9% of all my gifts, I was able to use my newly found super human, flippin sweet wrapping skills to use on ONE gift! AND IT WORKED!!!! well- I won't go into detail of how I USED to wrap gifts...... it's a thing of the past anywho. Now, If you want lessons, I am booking my calender for this year already! ENjoy the pleasure in my goofiness. SO here are my pics- proof of what I USED to be. and of course, I had to have a treat before I started for fuel. And my husband thinks he helped by cutting tape for me. SUch a good helper... he should get a gold star!


AMANDA said... are such a nerd but man I love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH! You KNOW I can't just let this way... :)