Friday, January 19, 2007

Doing it... AGAIN!!!

I find it pretty funny that whenever I pull out my wedding album- I always sit and marvel at how BAD it is! I've done (scrapbooked) my wedding album twice already. Now.. given- times change and so do styles, but there are pages I've done 3 years back that I still like. I don't know what it is- but for some reason, I feel like my wedding album MUST be kept up and look nice at all times. SO... that being said, I've done it again! Well- not all of it. I've decided to take pics off the pages and re-do them... but only when a call for a magazine or contest calls for wedding pages. I'm slowly getting more pages done. THere's a CK call out right now for wedding pages, so of course- i take full advantage of that. I've done 2- one is already below in my Feb Kit pages. Here's one I did the other night. And yes- that's me and my hubby.... look so young right? if you take a look at us now, you'd defintely be able to tell that we've had 3 kids and years of no sleep!!! Anyone else feel the same?
I'll have to scan in some pages that are done according to my style 4 years ago and compare them to now. And for my mom and dad... I'm sorry your album looks the way it does.... I'll do it over. Eventually. :)


Lisa Brown said...

It looks beautiful! But you totally crack me up - I'll bet yourold pages were gorgeous too :).

Meghan said...

Amber, I tend to lurk on your blog, but had to come out & say "Love that page!" You & your hubby are so cute.
What temple were you married in?