Friday, April 13, 2007

I never cease to amaze myself!!

This is SO fun. My friend Amanda and I challenged each other. We went each other a picture and we had to use that one picture and create a one page, 12x12, digital layout. Neither one of us have ever done a digi page before and so we went hunting on the internet and found quite a few freebie files to use. So out of those files, we created the pages. I need to tell you, there is only one digi scrapper that I admire. She makes it look sooooo incredibly real, you can't tell whether it's digi or not. So my thoughts on digi scrapping haven't been too high because I think it's too easy and doesn't look real. I wanted to learn how to do it for the pics that I don't wnat to physically scrap, but don't want to throw away either. But now that I've done it, it's really a lot of fun! don't know if it will lead to a lifelong career or anything, but I know I'll do it again. SO here it is in all it's glory! This is Amanda's adorable daughter Lily. Seriously...... so fun to find new talent.... lol ;)
Whart do yer stink?
Rhonna Farrer
Gina Cabrera
Leah Riordan
Shabby Princess


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Cool layout! I went to Amanda's blog and her layout is cool, too! I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to learn digi-scrappin'! It would probably frustrate me....and I'm not going there!
Way to go, Amber!!!!! I miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Um...yeah, you never cease to amaze me either....LUCY!!! :)