Monday, April 09, 2007

This is FUNN-HAY

Ok.... So I did this page the other day. I have to say... it is so funny! I just love how funny I think I am! Well..... the page is wonderful in and of itself, but the journaling is the best part. Read on and I think you'll agree!!!

Journaling Reads:

3 kids in 5 years. What was i thinking?

Perky boobs and a cute butt. Used to have them...then they moved south. Speaking of moving south....

I like in Georgia of all places! My kids have southern drawals and we're across the country from all family. What are we doing here again?

I'd much rather go to sleep at 9pm than party with friends. Oh wait! Friends and party... what are those?

I own a minivan. I drive the minivan. I love the minivan. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

All it takes are 3 notes of one song to recognize what cartoon it comes from. I would so kick trash in "name that tune"!

I'll be 25 the rest of my life. Better get used to it!

Dealing with 25... yup. Tha'ts what I'm doing and I love it!


Anonymous said...

SO cute! The page rocks and the journaling is hilarious . . . so you! BTW, I really think most people who meet you are shocked that you have any kids, because you are HOT!!! : ) Especially with your new hair . . . Guess I'll have to make my own "dealing with 25" page in a few months . . . . We're a quarter of a century old! AAHHHH!!!

Melissa said...

You crack me up!
By the way - i noticed you got signed up on our new blog! I'm excited to get this rolling. Thanks for all the good ideas you've shared.

Amanda said...

Gosh I can't believe you're only 25 and you've had all that "life experience" already! You are amazing! I love your layout! It's great! I really should do one of those...but I might have to add a few years on it!! Great job!!! You have a great sense of design!!!