Sunday, June 03, 2007

I seriouly LOVE the Nook

It's where I'm on the Design Team.... if you've forgotten. Their kits are FABULOUS. Seriously... one of my good friends puts these kits together and she is so dead on each time!

So here's a peak at June's kit... TONS of yummy stuff! If you want, go here and sign up. You won't regret it. You get a lot of product for the money. It comes with those new "paint Dabbers".... BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I'm gonna sell all my acrylic paints and buy all of these- SO AMAZING. Here's what they look like.
Besides... can't put a price on scrap goodness can you?!?!?!


Amanda said...

I have yet to try those puppies! They look like a lot of fun and less mess!!!...great layout too!!!

Jen Gallacher said...

I think those daubers are one of the greatest inventions out there! Seriously. Why would I want to get paint all over myself? LOVE them!! Look at your little man all athletic-like. :)