Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Scrappy love :)

So I've done a lot of scrapping this past week. I've come up witha few mini albums that I really like. And for once..... i didn't have to kill myself over them! I'm not a mini album person, but these worked out well I think. The first one is the new Slider Mini Album from Piggy Tales. The little "windows" slide open to reveal journaling. Made will 99% Piggy Tales product.

Now this is the one I'm really excited about. My friend Leah- over at The Nook has issued a year long journaling challenge. Ok- We all know that i'm not a journaler. I like doing pages that require a title/maybe a little writing, but that's it. Then I got to thinking that I need to start journaling more. My kids will look back and these and want to know some details and I wo'nt be able to recall them. (more than likely). So the challenge is to create a mini album and title it whatever you want. Then for each month of the year, you journal about something specific to your title. It can be whatever you want, it can be handwritten or typed journaling. Just needs to be a mini album primarily of journaling. I thought- what better year for me to take a challenge like this on? I have SO much happening this year, that i think it would be dumb for me to NOT do a challenge like this. I know that come next year, I'll look back at this and be so greatful that I decided to document what happened this year. I'm not going to blurb out the journaling, it's something that I want people to read, notjust hide it for myself. I won't be typing it out here, so if you can't read it as it is in the picture, sorry! I think if you click on the picture - it will open another window and blow it up. And if you want to follow along, join in the challenge with me here or over at The Nook.

I hand made this album. I cut the chipboard to size and wanted it to be a really interactive album, so each page will be a different size with flaps to open and things to look at. Here are the pictures of the album cover and my January page. I'll post each month's page as I get them done and add them to the book.


Lisa Brown said...

I love the journaling for each month - what a great idea!

Amie said...

WOW, that year long journal is gonna be great!