Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok ladies- It's finally here! I know that all us Savannah area girls are anxious for the new scrap store to open since Jamie had to go and close hers down. (thanks a lot J ;)- )
But never fear..... only about 15 hours until we'll all have the supplies we need and the space to crop in that will fill our deepest needs and desires. hahahaha

Store opens tomorrow, but the official Grand Opening celebrations start up on Friday. Store opens at 10am and the first 5 customers will get something fabulous for free!!! (on Thursday)
We will be open until 6pm and open again on Friday at 10am.

Here is the official A Scrapbook Boutique website. It has all the information you need to find the place, the phone numbers, and most importantly.... all the fun stuff that's going on!

I will be planning on a few classes to hold this weekend and we're hoping that you'll want to join in the fun. Click on this link and you'll be able to see a description of the classes we'll hold and the make-n-takes that we'll be doing as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go sign up for these classes! I'll be making extra kits, and be offering the classes again if you can't make it, but they are seriously fabulous! All using BRAND SPANKIN NEW product!!! Seriously to die for! So call the store or email Linda to sign up. The actual projects for the classes will be put up for display at the store starting tomorrow for you to see them.

There's gonna be fun and food and fabulous give-aways.... so don't miss out on this weekend. It's gonna be a fun one! I'll be there all day, every day this weekend too- so pop in and say Hi to me (and to see this massive belly I've accumulated since seeing most of you last!).

Hope to see you at the fun festivities this weekend!!!


Lisa Brown said...

So, I was totally planning on stopping by after I picked Lily up today, but Jennifer Reiley had her baby, and so I had Vince and rebecca with me. I was not about to brave coming in with 4 little kids - 2 would have been hard enough. I will stop by soon though. When do you work?

Melissa said...

Have fun at the grand opening! Looks like a nice new shop - I had fun on the web site. I'll have to stop by another time though, cause I'm babysiting for Cat, etc.. Will you be working every Saturday?

Tam said...

HI this is Tam and I met you today. OO the store is so cute and makes you want to spend some time in there (without my kiddos) well after all it was so Girly in there!!! (I live in a boys world). I wanted to stop by and say you are very beautiful pregnant

I hope you all have fun working this weekend at the grand opening!