Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mohawk Lake

We discovered this little lake about a block or so from our house and it's so nice! it's so quiet and peaceful. There's absolutely nothing there, no ducks, no walking trail, no park, nothing. but it's a very nice walk and there's ample amounts of fish, frogs, snakes, and flowers to keep us occupied!

Today was such a beautiful day out that we took a walk over there to just have fun and get out of the house. Here are a few pics to document it all. And they need narrating...... so here's your warning. hahaha
Pretty flowers and more pretty flowers and yet.... more pretty flowers! ;) (have i mentioned how wrong i think it is that it's THIS warm and THIS green already?)

Then we have the uncooperative, cute kids.
QUICK! I spy with my little eye..... 2 small frogs! looks like a big nasty dooky that they're sitting in, but it's not. rest assured that it's just a pile of moldy mud. hahahaha
Rick was so proud of himself. He caught this shot. he claimed to have seen a snake but no one else saw it. then i handed the camera over and walked off and look what happened! cool right?
And aside from the pasty white legs, can you honestly tell that i have a massive belly in front? that's what i thought...... ;)- gotta love me my girls though. they are just too cute!
very nice to get out, like i said. We did happen to have a mis-hap with Mia stepping into a pile of fire ants and geting bitten (poor thing) but luckily dad, the hero, came to the rescue and she walked off with only 3 bites. needless to say, she was traumatized and refused to walk on her own the rest of the time...except in this picture of course.
Hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well!


Kayla said...

That looks so very warm and nice! I'm totally jealous of all the green and shorts! I love that you don't look pregnant from the back... I never do either, it makes it awkward for the guys checking out my sexy tush when I turn around! hahaha!
P.S. Aveeno self-tanning lotion is great stuff! ;)

Lisa Brown said...

Oh, I HATE fire ants. They are one of the worst parts of Savannah - them and the sand gnats.

Amie said...

dookie. lol. Great pics!

Jen Gallacher said...

Ooh, so don't miss the snakes. YIKES! And you are totally cute from behind. Ok from the front you're adorable too. LOL!

Melissa said...

Don't you love finding new places? Well, I also love that last picture of you walking hand in hand with your girls. So adorable!