Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Better!

Luckily it was only a 24 hour bug. And it's a good thing- decided last minute to take a trip to Utah to go house hunting. So here we are. Going out looking tomorrow- wish us luck, because from what we've seen so far, people are just out to rip us off. Seriously... how can you feel good about charging$950 a mo. for a dinky 900sq. ft 3 bd apt?
that's INSANE!!!

anyway- i'll keep you posted. off to bed!


Jen Gallacher said...

I really hope you find something that you love that's more reasonably priced!!

Unknown said...

So my friend's house is in Eagle Mountain. It's 3 bedrooms with a big playroom. It's brand-spanking new and they are charging 1000. I know they just put sod down about a month ago too so you'd have a nice yard. Let me know if you want her info!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I am glad you are feeling better. Good luck house hunting!!