Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dang.... i wrote this post and it got lost. ugh.

anyway------- the report.... SO STINKIN GOOD! the movie was fantastic... the actors were dreamy (esp. Edward), the acting was very good, the specail effects could have used some work, the story line follows the book to a T. Very very good show.

now.... I wish they would have gone into more detail with a few things and added other details... but you can't add it all or it will be like 10 hrs. long.

The audience was hilarious. I've never attended a movie that was so packed. every seat filled, standing in line for more than an hour, 99.9% of the attendance was swooning married women. hahahaha
I was laughing a lot because of all the commentary that took place during the movie. Some women are seriuosly into this thing and it cracks me up. I mean, i appreciate and love the series like the next girl, but hello!!! there were people with signs and edward faces plastered on sticks to wave. more than half had Twilight shirts on.... SO FUNNY. I was content enough to just go and watch the movie.

anyway-I totally plan on seeing it again...... if i can find a sitter and someone to go with. lol



Anonymous said...

Okay, so I decided to finally read the book...two days later I'm on book number 2! It's wonderful! I should have read it back when you told me about it the first time.
I'm not sure about the movie though, because I have a totally different picture of Edward in my head and I don't really like that Robert Patterson dude playing him. He was good though? Maybe I'll go see it.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Glad you liked the movie!
I still havent gotten into the books or this yet.. but it sure is popular!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

ok, signs and t-shirts on grown women? THAT is a LiTTle over the TOP!!

Anonymous said...

I will meet you half way and pay for the sitter, I have no one to go with either *sniffle*