Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book Review: THe Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

So I've gotten into this thing of reading a lot. Went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a few books that just "looked good". Totally excited, because I have some free time on my hands now.

One book i read over christmas break was Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater".

Now... my husband and I are Glenn Beck fans. We really like him- RIck even went to one of his live

anyway- so once this book came out, I wanted to read it. It was a fairly easy read- finished it in 2 days.. but that was with a lot of interuptions. COuld easily be read in one.

The story is about a boy- (without giving anything away)- who goes through some trials and struggles as a young kid through one particular Christmas. He ends up realizing over the years that he has to take these struggles and use them as a learning lesson instead of letting the bad things get to him and mold him into a "bum" of a person. The ending has a twist that I didn't see coming- but it was very welcome, as it was a good- happy ending.

YOu have a bunch of questions at the beginning- but they are all answered at the end of the book, after the story is finished.... so keep reading. And Glenn has said that this book is based off of his life, so you are constantly wondering which parts are real and which ones aren't.

This is an incredibly heartfelt book. I truly loved every minute of it and highly recommend it.

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Can I borrow it? :)